Hi! I'm Joanna.
Ever since my sophomore year of high school, when my mom heard on the radio about a man who painted eyeballs for a living, I have known that medical illustration was a perfect fit for me. It's a great combination of art, science, and a little bit weird. As I've progressed in my career, I've found that combining my creative skill with anatomical concepts into something that helps people learn is highly satisfying.
I graduated summa cum laude from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a B.F.A. in medical illustration in 2015. I received my board certification in 2018 from the Association of Medical Illustrators. I currently live and work in northern New Jersey.
My work has largely been in the medial-legal illustration field, creating patient-specific anatomical exhibits for courtroom use. I have extensive experience creating surgical illustrations directly from patient operative reports, illustrating many kinds of radiology, and finding creative solutions to best show what is most important to an audience.
I also enjoy drawing humorous doodles, quilting, indulging my sweet tooth, and spending time in my garden.
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